20 Etudes for Piano, Philip Glass


Realtime Visualisations for “20 Etudes for Piano” from Philip Glass
Piano: Maki Namekawa
Realtime computergraphics develeoped and performed by Cori O’Lan

Maki Namekawa was the first to record the 20 piano etudes by Philip Glass on CD and to perform all of them in one concert. A year after the CD was released Maki Namekawa began working with Cori O’Lan on a special form of performance, in which the sounds of the piano are used directly to generate and design digital visualizations using a special computer system. On a large projection screen behind the piano, visual worlds are created that develop directly from the music or react to it immediately. Not the computer, but the music itself creates the visualization in real time, i.e. live and at every performance anew.

Nov. 2018 … selected Etudes for the opening ceremony of the Art Science Building of Osaka Art University (J)
Nov. 2018 … all 20 Etudes at Bozar, Brussels (B)
Sep. 2017 … all 20 Etudes at Ars Electronica, Linz (A) – APA press article AE-Blog,
Aug. 2017 … all 20 Etudes at Alto Adige Festival, Dobiacco (I)
Feb. 2017 … all 20 Etudes at National Sawdust, Brooklyn (US)
Sep. 2015 … first presentation of selected etudes at Ars Electronica, Linz (A)

The visuals are prepared for a panoramic multiscreen setup with three projections, thus the videos presented here are barely reflecting the live impression of the performance… try to watch them in 1080p resolution and imagine them really big. The videos of Maki Namekawa which are used in this demos have been recorded separately by Landsmann + Landsmann.
The Music is available at: http://www.itunes.com/PhilipGlass

The first video presents small excerpts of all 20 etudes

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